EDUROAM wireless network configuration for Windows OS

DigiCert Assured ID Root CA

Depending on the version of the system, the installation steps may slightly differ.

    Choose Current user and click next.

    Choose Place all certificates in the following store and click Browse.

    Search for the store Main certification authorities of third parties, click OK, and then continue.

    A window with the information ‘The certificate will be imported after clicking Finish will appear’ – thus click Finish. Import has been successfully completed.

    Open Control Panel / Network and Sharing Centre / Manage wireless networks and choose Add.


      Network name: eduroam
      Security type: WPA2-Enterprise
      Encryption type: AES

    Choose Change connection settings and then the Security tab.

    Set network authentication Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP) and click Settings. Check Verify server certificate and then choose our DigiCert Assured ID Root CA certificate.

    When using the Secure Password (EAP-MSCHAP2 v2) authentication method, click Configure and OFF Automatically use my login name….

    Save all the configuration, and then again in the Security tab choose Advanced settings.

    Check Specify authentication mode, choose User authentication. Save credentials.

    Enter login details here, i.e. the username together with or the one you use to log in to the Google Apps service (e.g. first

    If you do not have a password for the WI-FI network, create one by clicking HERE choosing the right domain.

    Following saving all configurations, you have been connected to the eduroam network.