Editing a profile.

Successful login redirects the user to their profile, where there are only 3 points to complete at the beginning:
personal data,
choose the major.

Personal data

Some of the available fields have been automatically filled in with data that was provided during registration. Fill in the form with residence address and mailing details.

Note the available options to check – one of them is “I want a student ID card”.

After saving the step, the field entitled “personal data” will change its color to yellow.


A photo is required in the candidate’s profile. The application will not be accepted without it. Please read the requirements regarding the uploaded photo:

The photo provided electronically must be at least 300 x 375 pixels. JPG format is required. The maximum size of a photo file is 1 megabyte.

To properly frame a photo, all you have to do is go to the website ue.katowice.pl/przytnij-zdjecie, load the photo file, and then adjust it to your needs. If the photo meets the requirements, just choose the “frame” button and save the newly generated photo.
This page is also available from the candidate’s profile in the “photo” step.

After saving the “photo” step, the field will change its color to yellow.

Choose major + priorities of majors

The next stage is choosing the major to which the candidate wants to enroll. The majors are presented in the form of a drop-down list, with the option to enroll next to each one. After enrolling to the major, the candidate will be informed on their choice by e-mail. Moreover, new available fields will appear:
major priorities,
Set the priorities of the chosen majors. You may enroll to 3 majors at most – 1 is the main major, 2 and 3 are alternatives. The table showing priorities will not show ordinal numbers after enrolling to a new major, please do not pay attention to the missing ordinal numbers. They will appear after saving the “major priorities” step.



After saving the chosen priorities, please note whether the order in the table corresponds to your expectations.
In the steps to complete you will see a list of chosen majors that corresponds to the order of enrollment to the major, but it does not match the priorities, so do not pay attention to that.

The photo above shows that the candidate has enrolled to the following majors: Management, Logistics, Internal security, but that does not correspond to their priorities (see example)


Each candidate has an individual account to which they pay the recruitment fee. Fees are posted once a day. First-cycle full-time program candidates who did not pay the fee are not considered in the next admission procedure.


In the next step, complete the data regarding the school you graduated from and the secondary school graduation exam – matura. As the registration process begins before receiving the results of the baccalaureate, the data should be entered immediately after receiving the document confirming passing the secondary school graduation exam.


The declarations include a language survey, where a candidate initially determines which languages they want to learn at the University – two main languages and one alternative. The alternative applies to the second main language only.


After completing the fields regarding the education, complete the results and choose the best one. Depending on the graduation exam you chose, points are converted by a converter. For the new graduation exam:
basic – result * 0.7
extended level – result * 1
The entered results must be saved!
There is also an option for contest participants – the candidate receives 200 points, and the results of the graduation exam are not considered.
Before entering the contest data, make sure that the contest is accepted by our University.
After saving the results, check the correctness of the entered data!


In the printouts tab, there are files available for download. If the file is not displayed, read the instructions (here).
The first file is an application that contains personal data, chosen majors ordered by priority and a photo of the candidate. Before submitting the documents, check the correctness of the entered data! The next file is a sticker that must be printed and glued onto a folder. The sticker must contain the name of the secondary school you graduated from, main major, personal data, your address and contact number.

I was not admitted to the program. What should I do?

To obtain a student status, certain requirements must be met depending on the type of the program.

First-cycle full-time program

A candidate, who has not been admitted to a first-cycle full-time program, may enroll to a part-time program with no additional fee*. It is possible to start an additional recruitment process, however, the point thresholds do not change.

*The fee is transferred from full-time to part-time programs only if the candidate has completed all stages of the recruitment but has not met the admission requirements.

When will I get the Virtual University information?

Submitting an application for a program is not equivalent to creating an account at the Virtual University.
For candidates for first-cycle full-time programs, accounts are created when the recruitment process is completed.
For the other candidates, accounts are created when the recruitment is completed.

All information will be sent to the e-mail address provided during the recruitment.

Candidate statuses

Candidate – this status is applied to every person who has registered to the system; this status is changed when submitting documents or after being ranked.
Pre-admitted – a candidate is pre-admitted if they meet the conditions to become a student.*
Not admitted – a candidate is not admitted if they do not meet the minimum of one condition to become a student; the candidate has the right to appeal against the decision**
Admitted – a candidate has the status “admitted” when they have met all the conditions to become a student and the major for which they have applied has been created****

* they have the required number of points, paid the fee, submitted documents (regarding first-cycle part-time, second-cycle full-time, second-cycle part-time programs),

** the number of points is lower than the required number of points, they have not paid the fee, they have not submitted documents on time,

*** the candidate receives a decision of not being admitted to the address for communication. They have the required number of points, paid a fee, submitted documents; the major may not be created due to the minimum limit of places that has not been reached (regarding first-cycle part-time, second-cycle full-time, second-cycle part-time programs).

The fee has not been posted.

Fees for candidates registering for first-cycle full-time programs are posted once a day. If the fee has not been posted for more than 1 week, please contact the recruitment office and send the confirmation of the bank transfer.
Fees for other candidates are posted when the documents are submitted to the secretary – it is required to add the confirmation of the bank transfer to the documents.

There is one fee for the chosen recruitment process. When submitting documents for both full-time and part-time programs, two recruitment fees are required.

I cannot edit the data!

If “blocks” are grayed out, it means that the data editing within the profile has been blocked.
for first-cycle full-time programs – the blockade is imposed by a system on the day preceding the publication of the results,
for first-cycle part-time, second-cycle full-time and part-time programs – the blockade is imposed upon submission of documents by a candidate.

I cannot log into the system!

Depending on the notification, there are different solutions:

The account does not exist:

make sure that the website address is correct, as there are different instances of the system,
make sure that the account has been registered and activated,
check the correctness of the entered data (e-mail).

Incorrect login or password:

check the correctness of the entered data (e-mail and password),
change the password by choosing the “remind password” button.

Messages other than those listed above:

contact the recruitment office.