Safe Exam Browser on Windows 7

For proper operation of the SEB browser on Windows 7 (64 bit), download the configuration file and then open it.

Download the configuration file – Windows7

After logging into the platform, the page should be refreshed. The Attempt quiz now button should appear.

Moodle exams – for students

In order to neutralize the number of errors that may appear when taking the exam using the SEB browser, a test exam was created in the category Training / EXAM – TEST FOR ALL – IT DEPARTMENT.

It is available to everyone to check if the browser is working properly.

Attention! The browser should not be opened from the system position, and access to the browser is possible only during the test approach. The student does not need to configure anything.


Problem with SEB – read before taking the exam!

How to solve the test via SEB browser?



    1. The student logs into the moodle platform using the browser of his choice.
    2. Enables the test placed in the course, then selects one of the following options:
  • Download SEB – allows you to switch to the page with the available installation file for download


  • Enable SEB – If the latest version is installed, the browser will be automatically enabled


  • Download configuration – after downloading the “config.seb” file, enable it to open the SEB viewer


    1. The student logs in to the moodle platform again, this time in a secure browser, by selecting the “Log in with Google |” button, and then entering login details to the university e-mail in the domain


  1. After logging in, he will be redirected to the page with the button “Try to solve this test now” – this page does not contain any links except the button to start the test.

Click on the picture to enlarge

Dostępne opcje do wyboru po włączeniu testu przez studenta
Available options to select from when the test is turned on by the student

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Spróbuj teraz rozwiązać ten test
“Try this test now” button in the SEB browser

ATTENTION! Enabling a safe browser does not prevent the use of a browser on which SEB has been enabled, e.g. in the case of a MEET meeting.
All other options that prevented switching between windows or using a virtual machine are kept.

After selecting the “Enable SEB Browser” button, the original browser will “ask” for access (if the browser does not start, update it to the latest version):
Mozilla Firefox

Monit o zaakceptowanie włączenia przeglądarki SEB na przeglądarce Mozilla Firefox
A prompt to accept the inclusion of the SEB browser on the Mozilla Firefox browser

Microsoft Edge

Monit o zaakceptowanie włączenia przeglądarki SEB na przeglądarce Microsoft Edge
A prompt to accept the inclusion of the SEB browser on the Microsoft Edge browser

Google Chrome

Monit o zaakceptowanie włączenia przeglądarki SEB na przeglądarce Google Chrome
A prompt to accept the inclusion of the SEB browser on the Google Chrome browser


Informacja w przeglądarce Safari w systemie macOS o nieobsługiwaniu przeglądarki SEB
Information in the macOS Safari browser that the SEB browser is not supported

When I enable SEB through Safari on macOS, I get a message saying that redirect is not possible. If the SEB browser has been properly installed in macOS, after refreshing the page, the message shown in the image below will appear:

Monit o zezwolenie włączenia bezpiecznej przeglądarki SEB w przeglądarce Safari
Prompt for permission to enable the safe SEB browser in the Safari browser

Select the Allow option to enable the SEB browser.

Course administration

After logging in and selecting the appropriate course for editing, the “Administration” field will appear in the menu on the left.

To select a course to edit, expand the “My Courses list” in the top menu or click on the course name from the “Navigation” menu on the left.
Menu główne UPL


Administracja kursem
1Edit settings – here you can edit all the options that were available when creating the course.
2Turn on edit mode – by enabling edit mode, the course owner can add new resources and activities.

How to create a course?

A course can be created by any EMPLOYEE with an account in the domain. After logging in, select “I order the course” button in the menu on the right.

When completing the fields, pay attention to the Course category – each course must be assigned to the appropriate department.

After approving the changes, the administrator accepts or rejects the course.