Add new Identity – Roundcube

Add new identity

1. Choose Settings

2. Choose Identities. The preview in shows which identities have been added

3. To add a new identity, we select the sign “+

4. Fill the fields with the appropriate data. Please note which e-mails were added in the identity list. If the address “” exists, do not need to add it. After filling in the fields, click save.

Registration of a GoogleApps account for employees

Account creation form

An account can be created by administrative and academic staff who have an active e-mail account in the domain.

Employees who do not have the abovementioned account can create it by contacting the IT Centre:

How to create an account in the domain step by step.

    • In the “Account name” field, enter LOGIN that you use to log in to the email account in the domain (photo below).
      In the “Password” field, enter the current password to access the e-mail account in the domain (photo below)
      In the “Phone” field, enter your university phone (employees only). If you do not have a phone number, please enter 7000.

If you have problems creating an account, please contact the IT Centre.

How can I archive my mail?

Log in with any FTP/SCP client to your account. If you want to archive all your mail, download the Maildir directory.

If you want to archive only a specific folder with e-mail, enter the Maildir directory and download the correct folder, e.g. .Private.
Names with mail folders in the Maildir directory begin with a period.

If you want to archive only the inbox (INBOX), enter the Maildir directory and download the cur and new directories.

Guide and bilingual e-mail footer generator

Due to the implementation of a bilingual e-mail signature at the University, we present a guide and a special generator that will help you set the footer on mailboxes.

Before filling the footer generator, it is worth reading:

Generate signature (click)

Documents to download – Regulation of HM Rector:

Regulation No 118/16 regarding the introduction of the Rules and Regulations on the establishing, using and amending e-mail accounts in the Internet domain of the University of Economics in Katowice

Appendix to Regulation No 118/16