I can’t connect to Google Meet!

Unable to connect to meeting via a link provided in Classroom.

Meet link is available in Classroom but the meeting will only be available after the teacher joins to the meeting.

Meet link in Classroom

If the teacher has not started the meeting, the student will not be able to join it – the information shown in the pictures below will appear.

The meeting has not started yet.

Connection error when meeting is open on mobile via GmailApp
Connection error when meeting is open on mobile via MeetApp

Sharing materials

Creating classes

After creating a new topic, create a class by selecting “Task” from the top menu, and then “Create” button

Adding materials:

There are two ways you can add materials:
– you can create them on your own on Google disc (documents, sheets, forms, etc.) – they will be stored in Google Drive;
– add existing ones both from Google Drive and your computer (added filed will also be stored in Google Drive);


You must publish materials after adding them.
(kliknij w zdjęcie by powiększyć)

How to check the name of dean’s group?

A lecturer can check the name of the group by logging into the e-university, selecting the CLASS PLAN tab. A .pdf plan can be generated.

You can also go to the e-university website at THIS link and select:
– class date,
– building in which the classes take place,
– select the “Show available dates” button.
You will see a table showing the occupancy of the rooms. After selecting appropriate classes, the dean’s group name will appear in the table on the right.

You can turn off the visibility of individual columns by hovering over the down arrow next to each column name.

Adding and sharing materials in the service.

To use the service, you must log in to your e-mail account in the uekat.pl domain and select the DRIVE icon.


The following menu options are the most important:
My drive, namely all materials added by the user,
Shared, namely all materials shared with the user.

After selecting the button, you can:
– create a new folder on the disc,
– attach entire folders,
– attach individual files,
– create documents on the disc.


To share the material added, click on its name with the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON and select the SHARE option.

You will see a window, in which you should enter the email of a user or a group to whom/which you want to share the file

HERE you can find instructions on how to share files in Google Classroom.

How to change language?

Google services (including ClassRoom) are available in many languages, including obviously English. The user can decide which language he/she wants to use.

Select “Manage Google account” to change language of the services.

Select “Data and personalisation” on the left side of the menu.

At the bottom of the page you will see an option to change the language in the “General Internet settings” field.

By selecting the right arrow next to the list of languages, the user can add a language or set a new main language by clicking the up arrow next to the selected language.