Registration of a GoogleApps account for employees

Account creation form

An account can be created by administrative and academic staff who have an active e-mail account in the domain.

Employees who do not have the abovementioned account can create it by contacting the IT Centre:

How to create an account in the domain step by step.

    • In the “Account name” field, enter LOGIN that you use to log in to the email account in the domain (photo below).
      In the “Password” field, enter the current password to access the e-mail account in the domain (photo below)
      In the “Phone” field, enter your university phone (employees only). If you do not have a phone number, please enter 7000.

If you have problems creating an account, please contact the IT Centre.

How do I log in to Google Apps university e-mail for the first time?

An account to access to the university e-mail has been created automatically for each student!

Log in by

The e-mail address consists of the first and last name of the student, i.e. first If the data are repeated, the appropriate number is assigned following the name, please pay attention to that!

When logging in for the first time, please enter the current password from the Virtual University.

    1. as a login please enter the entire e-mail address

      the password from the Virtual University is only the password of the first login and cannot include Polish characters – if it includes those, please change the password and go to room 4/15 AITC,

      if the password from the Virtual University has been changed recently and the first login to Google Apps is not possible – see the above section
      following logging in,

      a message requiring you to change the password will appear – it cannot be the same as to the Virtual University, it must include a minimum of 12 characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as a number