EDUROAM wireless network configuration for Android OS

DigiCert Assured ID Root CA

Depending on the version of the system, the installation steps may slightly differ.

    Save the downloaded file to the phone’s memory.

    Go to the phone settings, choose Security and then Install from device memory.

    Choose the saved file with the certificate and install it. The data warehouse password or setting it may be required during installation. This is the password set on the phone and is not related to the credentials for e-mail, network, etc.

    If the Security use option exists, set it to Wi-Fi.

    Following installation, the certificate should be visible on the list. To present the installed certificates, choose Trusted credentials.

    Turn on Wi-Fi and choose the eduroam network.


      EAP method: PEAP
      PHASE 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
      Identity: enter the username together with or the one you use to log in to the Google Apps service (e.g. first

      If you do not have a password for the WI-FI network, create one by clicking HERE choosing the right domain.

        • Password: enter the password for accessing
          CA Certificate account: DigiCert Assured ID Root CA;
          Anonymous identity:

      Following completing the above steps, click Connect. Connection to the eduroam network should be established.