Ordering an exam

NOTE! Dean’s groups are not available in the “Online Exams” platform. Their use is only possible in GSuite services!

1. Log in by selecting the “Log in with Google | uekat.pl” and choose an e-mail in the uekat.pl domain.

NOTE! If an error pops out, log out of your private account!

2. In the menu on the left select “Order an exam” button.

3. Complete the fields marked as Mandatory.
The exam name should be entered as follows:

full-time/part-time_degree_Class name – Lecturer’s full name.
np. SIIS – Algebra – Jan Kowalski

NOTE! Select the Category to which the exam will be assigned. It cannot be edited afterwards! The platform administrator is not responsible for errors made!

4. Wait for the Administrator to accept the application. NOTE! Imprecise applications will be REJECTED!

5. NOTE! Please enter the date, start and end time of the EXAM, date, start and end time of the TEST.

Microsoft Teams

Below you will find a link to a tutorial video that presents all the most important functions and possible operation modes with the Microsoft Teams application, which is a set of tools for team collaboration.The service combines functionality with other Microsoft products included in Office 365 (How to access the Office 365 service). The manual was created by Microsoft employees during a presentation intended for employees of broadly understood education, including higher education.

You can view the instructions in your browser without logging in: Video in Polish.

Duration of the video: 2h (Video in Polish)
Microsoft Teams manual (to view the manual, you must use an account in the uekat.pl domain).

Flashing of Windows 10 on terminals in the CNTI building and rooms.

  1. Choose the key combination CTRL+ALT+DEL when it is not flashing, select “restart”.
  2. After this operation, the login window will appear on the terminal, but already with another virtual machine, which should not flash if it is not frozen.
  3. If the situation persists, go back to step one.

Logging out does not solve the problem, because after logging in again the user receives the same frozen machine, which will be repaired only after a forced restart.

Course administration

After logging in and selecting the appropriate course for editing, the “Administration” field will appear in the menu on the left.

To select a course to edit, expand the “My Courses list” in the top menu or click on the course name from the “Navigation” menu on the left.
Menu główne UPL


Administracja kursem
1Edit settings – here you can edit all the options that were available when creating the course.
2Turn on edit mode – by enabling edit mode, the course owner can add new resources and activities.

How to create a course?

A course can be created by any EMPLOYEE with an account in the @uekat.pl domain. After logging in, select “I order the course” button in the menu on the right.

When completing the fields, pay attention to the Course category – each course must be assigned to the appropriate department.

After approving the changes, the administrator accepts or rejects the course.

Registration of a GoogleApps account for employees

Account creation form

An account can be created by administrative and academic staff who have an active e-mail account in the ue.katowice.pl domain.

Employees who do not have the abovementioned account can create it by contacting the IT Centre:

How to create an account in the uekat.pl domain step by step.

    • In the “Account name” field, enter LOGIN that you use to log in to the email account in the ue.katowice.pl domain (photo below).
      In the “Password” field, enter the current password to access the e-mail account in the ue.katowice.pl domain (photo below)
      In the “Phone” field, enter your university phone (employees only). If you do not have a phone number, please enter 7000.

If you have problems creating an account, please contact the IT Centre.

Sharing materials

Creating classes

After creating a new topic, create a class by selecting “Task” from the top menu, and then “Create” button

Adding materials:

There are two ways you can add materials:
– you can create them on your own on Google disc (documents, sheets, forms, etc.) – they will be stored in Google Drive;
– add existing ones both from Google Drive and your computer (added filed will also be stored in Google Drive);


You must publish materials after adding them.
(kliknij w zdjęcie by powiększyć)

How to check the name of dean’s group?

A lecturer can check the name of the group by logging into the e-university, selecting the CLASS PLAN tab. A .pdf plan can be generated.

You can also go to the e-university website at THIS link and select:
– class date,
– building in which the classes take place,
– select the “Show available dates” button.
You will see a table showing the occupancy of the rooms. After selecting appropriate classes, the dean’s group name will appear in the table on the right.

You can turn off the visibility of individual columns by hovering over the down arrow next to each column name.

Adding and sharing materials in the service.

To use the service, you must log in to your e-mail account in the uekat.pl domain and select the DRIVE icon.


The following menu options are the most important:
My drive, namely all materials added by the user,
Shared, namely all materials shared with the user.

After selecting the button, you can:
– create a new folder on the disc,
– attach entire folders,
– attach individual files,
– create documents on the disc.


To share the material added, click on its name with the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON and select the SHARE option.

You will see a window, in which you should enter the email of a user or a group to whom/which you want to share the file

HERE you can find instructions on how to share files in Google Classroom.