In order to use Google services without any problems, you must use ONLY ONE PROFILE in given browser!!!

One browser – one account!

Conducting classes in the summer semester 2021/2022

WARNING! To take an active part in remote classes, you must have an e-mail account in the domain! Accounts are created automatically after activating the account at the Virtual University!

ATTENTION! Due to constant changes in the dean's office groups, the number of members is updated on a regular basis. Sending invitations to classes in Classroom doesn't work retroactively, therefore the lecturer is obliged to send an individual invitation to classes to students who have not yet been added to the group!

Only the class creator has access to classes in Classroom !!! The IT Center cannot interfere with the classes!

Google instructions

E-mail Accounts for Erasmus Students


Moodle exams – for students
Problems with Safe Exam Browser
I can’t connect to Google Meet!
Add new Identity – Roundcube
How to set an auto reply (autoresponder/vacation)?
Information for students – Online Exams Platform
Recording materials from a computer
First login to the Virtual University.
How do I log in to Google Apps university e-mail for the first time?
Log in the moodle platform
How to get access to databases (e.g. library) from outside the UE computer network?

In order to contact the IT Center regarding:

    • losing your college email password
    • problems logging in to email
    • problems logging in to the moodle platform
    • problems logging in to library resources

please contact us at Please also read carefully the instructions available in each section.



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