• How to turn on wifi?

1. First step is to activate e-mail address in the edu.uekat.pl domain. Here are the instructions to the process (if you are an Erasmus Student, click here)
2. Next step, requires visiting this website and choosing “uekat.pl”. Next the big blue button will appear (example picture below), saying “Login with Google”. Use your University e-mail address and password assigned.

3. The last step is hitting the green button “WŁĄCZ” as “Turn On” to turn on the Wifi and to set the password. You can use the password of your e-mail address. Insert the password in the sapce provided as “Hasło do wifi“, repeat in the space below “Powtórz hasło” and click “Zapisz” to save the password or “Anuluj” to “Cancel“.

Password requirements:

  • Min 10 signs
  • Min 1 capital letter
  • Min 1 digit
  • I don’t remember password to Wifi, how to change it?
To change the wifi password, repeat steps 2 and 3. “Turn on” button will change to “Change Password“.

Don’t forget to log out (upper right corner, click on your e-mail address and then “Wyloguj” as “Log out“.

Check Wifi Configuration