Create projects in Google Classroom with the ability to keep copies of works.

Create new task

The previous method of collecting tasks was to create a new project where students could send any files or return a copy of the created file by the teacher.

Due to the emerging problems with determining the owner of the submitted files, a different method of collecting and archiving students’ works has been described.
When creating a new project (task), create a new Form file.

Creating new task - form
Creating new task – form

The next step is to edit the created form. Instead of the standard question, select “Upload File“. A message will appear informing you that you are allowed to transfer files to the teaching disk.

Edit a form

A message informing about files being transferred to the teacher's disk
A message informing about files being transferred to the teacher’s disk

After selecting the Continue button, set the appropriate options:
Allow only specific file types – if disabled, any file format is allowed. After enabling the option, the options for the formats to choose will appear,
Maximum number of files – by default, it is set to 1, which means that each student will be able to send only one file,
Maximum file size – this option is the maximum size of one file sent by one student,

A maximum of 1 GB of files can be sent to this form – after selecting Change, you can set the maximum size of all files sent by all students,

The rest of the options should be set as for a regular form – collecting e-mail addresses, limiting to one answer, etc.

How does it look in practice?

1. Students are required to submit an assignment in the form of a file via the available form, and not via the current option for submitting assignments.
2. After the file is sent via the form, the student cannot withdraw the task or edit it – by sending the file, the teacher becomes the owner of the file.
3. All sent files are on the teacher’s google disk, in the answers in the form and in the collected answers sheet in the form of a link to the disk.

Uploading the file by the student thanks to the form
Uploading the file by the student thanks to the form

Folder with embedded student files
Folder with embedded student files

The teacher is the owner of all files.

How to rate?

The grade should be issued as before – set the appropriate points in the grade table in the classroom classes and select the Return button.

The difference between the methods of grading assignments and “by form” is that when selecting the Return button, the teacher returns only the grade but not the assignment (file).