Google Meet from Classroom

The update of the Classroom e-learning platform brought some important changes, the operation of which is described below.

The settings of the meet link and the link itself are placed on the main page of the classes on the left.

From here, the link can be reset, copied and made visible to students.

After creating the link to the meeting, the “Join” button will appear, so there is no need to put the link in the stream tab.

We recommend that you include links to meetings that were not created in Classroom in the stream tab..

  1. The main teacher creates a link to the class in Classroom and starts the class at meet. From that moment on, he is the Organizer of the meeting
  2. The other teacher invited to the Classroom will only Host the meeting
  3. The difference between the organizer and the host – the Organizer is always the Host, but the Host does not have to be the Organizer. The host ALWAYS inherits the access rights from the Organizer.
  4. The meeting organizer is the creator of the link to the class. In order for a Host to become an organizer, they must reset the meet link.