Which kind of problem can appear?

Older version of Safe Exam Browser

  1. After selecting the Launch Safe Exam Browser button, the screen will turn blue and then return to desktop mode – the browser will not open,
  2. After selecting the Launch Safe Exam Browser, the browser will open, the platform’s page will appear, but after logging in, the same selection options will appear as in the case of starting the test in the base browser (no Attempt quiz now) button,
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    Selection options when attempting the test while logged in to desktop mode

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    Selection options when attempting the test while logged in to the Safe Exam Browser

  4. A window called Reconfiguration may appear with a configuration file to download
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    Reconfiguration window

    Window informing about the inability to change the SEB configuration

Errors turning on the browser

Information about incorrect configuration – Windows 7.

Browser not supported – Windows 7

Fixes a problem with the SEB browser under Windows 7
Unable to use remote desktop.
Error launching SEB browser on remote desktop

Just like in a virtual machine or when using a remote connection program, the SEB will not work.

How to fix a system problem?

If you have not found information about your operating system (Linux, macOS), read the information on the compatibility of the SEB with the selected system!

  1. Use a device with the appropriate operating system, install the latest version of the browser and test its operation (Szkolenia/EGZAMIN – TEST DLA WSZYSTKICH – DZIAƁ IT).
  2. The university allows you to download Windows 10 from Azure. ATTENTION!!! Do not install the operating system in a virtual machine or use a remote desktop!
  3. CNTI provides computer workstations adapted to work with the moodle platform and SEB

There are another problems

Update Microsoft Visual C ++

Send screenshots with the message, packed logs and describe the problem.

% LocalAppData% \ SafeExamBrowser \ Logs