Information for students – OnlineExams

Password for configuration file: ue2020

To take the exam, you must download SafeExamBrowser, then install it and DO NOT START!

The next step is to download the SEB-OpenExam.seb configuration file and run it to take the exam.

Safe Exam Browser Installation

Using the Chrome browser, the file will be downloaded and shown in the Lower left corner of the browser, please click on the file.

Install the browser and remember to accept. WE DO NOT OPEN THE BROWSER AFTER INSTALLING!

We download the SEB-OpenExam.seb configuration file and enable it by clicking (in the case of the Chrome browser) in the lower left corner of the file OR in the folder with downloaded files, right-click on the Open with Safe Exam Browser file.

The login screen for the Online Exams system will appear on the screen. To log into the system, click the “Zaloguj Google |” and use the university email at domain.

After logging in, a list of available exams will appear. To facilitate the search, please enter the name or element of the exam name in the browser. You can sign up for the exam by entering the access key set by the teacher. A student may sign up for the exam before it starts (provided that the teacher agrees).

After signing up for the exam, information about taking the test will appear. The test can also be protected by a password, which the teacher sets and then gives to students. After the exam, log out and close the browser in the LOWER RIGHT CORNER using the sign.