Display of information materials

All posters to be displayed on CNTI monitors should be prepared in .jpg format with a resolution of 1920×1080.

Files created in PowerPoint are not accepted!

If you have any problems creating a poster, please contact the New Mediagrafik@ue.katowice.pl). The IT Centre does not create graphic designs.

Please send the materials to cnti.konf@uekat.plwith information about when and in what order the individual files are to be displayed. IT Centre reserves the right to change the way the materials are displayed.

Wireless Network Access (WI-FI)

A dedicated wireless network for conference participants can be launched. To do so, please send information about the date and location of the conference (room numbers) to cnti.konf@uekat.pl and propose the name of the advertised wi-fi network. Information about the rules of logging in (including the password) will be sent back to the e-mail address.

Video recording and online sharing

Events taking place in the CNTI Auditorium can be recorded and streamed live to the Internet via www.tv.ue.katowice.pl. It is recommended to collect the consent of the speakers to such an activity (on the part of the organizer).

Requests should be submitted by e-mail to cnti.konf@uekat.pl 

Video conferencing

The building is equipped with video conferencing terminals and video conferencing software. Requests for such services should be made in advance so that the connection can be tested.

Contact and support

Technical support during the event can be reached in room 4/15 (level 4).

E-mail contact: cnti.konf@uekat.pl