Log in to your account, then choose the Settings in the menu and the Filters tab, choose the active Set of filters (if there is none, click the + sign, enter any name and click Save).

    Click the + sign in the Filters column.
    Provide the name of the Autoresponder filter, choose those that meet all of the following criteria,
    choose From / exists,
    then add the criterion and choose and enter X-Spam-Flag/equal and enter NO
    choose From / contains, enter
    choose Reply with a message and fill in the fields,
    then enter your e-mail address or addresses with the active autoresponder or click “Fill with all my addresses“, addresses from Identities will be filled automatically,
    in the Frequency field enter 1,
    Confirm by clicking Save.

Such setting of the autoresponder will send replies only to messages that are not classified as SPAM.

To turn off the automatic reply, choose the active filter set from the Filters menu, then click on the filter with the autoresponder and check Filter disabled. Confirm by clicking Save. The filter enables advanced automatic replies depending on different conditions.

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