How to create a new page quickly?

We simplified the creation and management of websites thanks to the WordPress Multisite platform. Now there is no need to worry about system updates and backups – we do it automatically, and you may devote your time to add valuable content and share it with the World!

A new page may be created using the registration form providing the e-mail address from the following domains:


Accounts with other addresses will not be created.

In box Username, enter login which will be used to log in to the platform (it must consist of at least 4 characters; letters and numbers only with no spaces), then enter the e-mail address (from the domains listed hereinabove) and choose Create new website.

After proceeding, the wizard will ask you to provide the Website name, Website title and to choose the Default language. Your address will be
Attention! The name must consist of at least 4 characters – letters and numbers only. The name cannot be changed later.

Choose the option Register and check the e-mail provided to which you will receive the generated system password, link to the login panel and further instructions.