Save the downloaded file to disk.

    Click on the wireless network icon and choose the eduroam network.

    Fill in the available fields with the following data:

      Authentication: Protectes EAP (PEAP)
      Anonymous identity: —-
      CA certificate: choose the downloaded file (with crt extension)
      PEAP version: Automatic
      Inner authentication: MSCHAPv2
      Username: enter the username together with or the one you use to log in to the Google Apps service (e.g. If you have a WLAN_AE access account, enter your current login details.
      Password: enter the password for accessing the account

      If you do not have a password for the WI-FI network, create one by clicking HERE choosing the right domain.

    Ubuntu in the versions earlier than 14.04 LTS may require Wireless security. You must choose WPA2 Enterprise

    Following completing the above steps, click Connect. Connection to the eduroam network should be established