1. Generating a calendar file by a user in the Virtual University

  • In the Virtual University in the tab Schedule / Presentation of the schedule / Exporting the schedule to the calendar, each logged user (Student, Teacher) has the option to download the generated individual link/calendar with scheduled classes or the link/calendar narrowed to dates chosen by the user.
  • After logging into the VU, the user has access to their calendar:
  • Every time when downloading the file, we’ll see a current user calendar here.
    If a logged user wants to narrow the dates and download the calendar file narrowed to the dates, one should use the Choose date range button:
  • Applications such as Outlook and Google Calendar have the option of defining the calendar on the basis of the above link. Moreover, the link allows to download the calendar file in order to import it into the calendar application e.g. in the mail client, however in this case the calendar is not being updated.

2. Configuring the calendar using a link on the example of Goggle Calendar

  • After logging into the account, choose the Calendar from the menu. Then, in the default calendar, choose Settings:
  • Then from the left-hand menu choose Add calendar / From URL. Paste the link generated on the Virtual University website and confirm with the Add calendar button:
  • Now the following is available in calendars:
  • A calendar on the basis of a url address has the same options as other calendars so it is possible, for example, to define notifications.