My address belongs to the dynamic pool. How to remove it from RBLa IT Centre?

The addresses assigned dynamically will not be removed from the RBLa IT Centre, unless the applicant is the appropriate person indicated in the WHOIS database. Only a service provider may submit a request to remove dynamically assigned IP addresses.

IP removal will only take place if the address class has changed from the dynamic to static one.

Checking the WHOIS record –,

IP check in other RBLs –,

Why was my IP blacklisted?

The list of RBL candidates is created automatically on the basis of incoming spamtraps and addresses in the domain, which is detected by spam filters.

There are several reasons for being assigned to the RBL IT Centre:

  1. sending spam –the mail filtering system and sending a message to the address of spamtrap (so-called spam traps) decide what is classified as spam. A computer may send spam without the user’s knowledge or awareness. In this case, the computer has become a so-called zombie and part of the botnet.
  2. virus distribution,
  3. open-proxy – i.e. having a poorly configured service, e.g. squid proxy, which allows unauthorized persons to use this server as an intermediary server in connection to another machine,
  4. sending false virus notifications – the so-called avid administrator virus. Often, the default settings of anti-virus programs that scan e-mail send a notification on the detected virus to the sender. The vast majority of worms/viruses are sent using a false sender. Therefore, such notifications are completely useless and generate only unnecessary network traffic.
  5. rfc-ignorant – e-mail standards existing on the Internet require, for example, having an abuse account / alias where one may send reports regarding security breaches. No such addresses may end up being added to the RBL.

Why does the IT Centre block my IP address?

The IT Centre providing RBL zones does not block any IP/domain/URL. The administrator of the server where they are used to block / greylisting / whitelisting / spam scoring / etc. decides on their use. In other words: IT Centre is not responsible for the way these zones are used by third parties.

How to get username and password/activate wireless access or change password?

Activation of access to the wireless network is carried out by authenticating:

Changing the password to access the wireless network

For employees on the basis of an e-mail account in the domain

    Enter your login details the same as to your e-mail.

For students on the basis of an e-mail account in the domain (also

    Log in to this website,

    Choose the “Change password button”.

How to update a website?

    Send all the materials to in the following formats:

      text: .RTF,
      attachment: .RTF or .PDF,
      photos to the gallery: .JPG,

        size: 800×600 pixels,

      graphics: .JPG, .GIF

        size no greater than 800×800 pixels

      banner: GIF, JPG, SWF

    The material should include the following information:

      place of publication on the website,
      period of publication,
      data of the person responsible for the information.

    Materials not meeting the above recommendations will not be published.