Problems with Safe Exam Browser

Which kind of problem can appear?

Older version of Safe Exam Browser

  1. After selecting the Launch Safe Exam Browser button, the screen will turn blue and then return to desktop mode – the browser will not open,
  2. After selecting the Launch Safe Exam Browser, the browser will open, the platform’s page will appear, but after logging in, the same selection options will appear as in the case of starting the test in the base browser (no Attempt quiz now) button,
  3. (click to zoom)

    Selection options when attempting the test while logged in to desktop mode

    (click to zoom)

    Selection options when attempting the test while logged in to the Safe Exam Browser

  4. A window called Reconfiguration may appear with a configuration file to download
  5. (click to zoom)

    Reconfiguration window

    Window informing about the inability to change the SEB configuration

Errors turning on the browser

Information about incorrect configuration – Windows 7.

Browser not supported – Windows 7

Fixes a problem with the SEB browser under Windows 7
Unable to use remote desktop.
Error launching SEB browser on remote desktop

Just like in a virtual machine or when using a remote connection program, the SEB will not work.

How to fix a system problem?

If you have not found information about your operating system (Linux, macOS), read the information on the compatibility of the SEB with the selected system!

  1. Use a device with the appropriate operating system, install the latest version of the browser and test its operation (Szkolenia/EGZAMIN – TEST DLA WSZYSTKICH – DZIAŁ IT).
  2. The university allows you to download Windows 10 from Azure. ATTENTION!!! Do not install the operating system in a virtual machine or use a remote desktop!
  3. CNTI provides computer workstations adapted to work with the moodle platform and SEB

There are another problems

Update Microsoft Visual C ++

Send screenshots with the message, packed logs and describe the problem.

% LocalAppData% \ SafeExamBrowser \ Logs

Safe Exam Browser on Windows 7

For proper operation of the SEB browser on Windows 7 (64 bit), download the configuration file and then open it.

Download the configuration file – Windows7

After logging into the platform, the page should be refreshed. The Attempt quiz now button should appear.

I can’t connect to Google Meet!

Unable to connect to meeting via a link provided in Classroom.

Meet link is available in Classroom but the meeting will only be available after the teacher joins to the meeting.

Meet link in Classroom

If the teacher has not started the meeting, the student will not be able to join it – the information shown in the pictures below will appear.

The meeting has not started yet.

Connection error when meeting is open on mobile via GmailApp
Connection error when meeting is open on mobile via MeetApp

Add new Identity – Roundcube

Add new identity

1. Choose Settings

2. Choose Identities. The preview in shows which identities have been added

3. To add a new identity, we select the sign “+

4. Fill the fields with the appropriate data. Please note which e-mails were added in the identity list. If the address “” exists, do not need to add it. After filling in the fields, click save.

Safe Exam Browser – solving problems

NOTE! Requires SEB 2.4 browser version, which must be downloaded from university resources!

Installer for Windows
Installer for MacOS
Configuration files for Windows & MacOS
Password for configuration file: ue2020

Kaspersky – add SEB to exceptions – after adding it to exceptions, uninstall and reinstall the SEB browser again.

    • 1. Alert

The user has enabled HTTPS traffic analysis that filters secure connections (anti-virus software or AdGuard and other similar applications). Please familiarise yourself with a list of anti-virus programs compatible with the SEB browser (please also check software version – not just its name).

Please temporarily disable the anti-virus program and re-enable the SEB browser via the configuration file

    • 2. SEB installation is corrupted

If you can continue working after clicking OK, you must uninstall and reinstall the browser – make sure to check that all files have been deleted and disable the HTTPS traffic analyser in BITDEFENDER or ESET.
. If SEB does not work after clicking OK, check the logs.

      1. SafeExamBrowser main application, located at:





      1. SafeExamBrowser browser, located at:





      1. SEB Windows Service, located at



        C:\Program Files (x86)\SafeExamBrowser\SebWindowsServiceWCF\sebwindowsservice.log

    • 3. Microsoft .NET Framework

1) Open up ‘Computer Management’ (Right click on the Windows ‘start’ button)
2) Select ‘Services and Applications’ (left side panel)
3) Right click on ‘WMI Control’ > ‘Properties’
4) On the [General] tab you should see some error messages
5) Go to the [Backup/Restore] tab and choose to manually restore
6) Select the file aptly named ‘Corrupted.rec’ found in ‘C:\Windows\System32\wbem\Repository’
7) Wait for the service to restart
7) Start MIK6

    • 4. No button “Try to solve this test now”:

The student uses the wrong version of the SEB browser (3.0 based on the Chrome engine), the correct version is 2.4 based on Mozilla Firefox.

A student does not open the browser via the configuration file.

If the problems still occur, CNTI provides computer workstations for the exam. To use the workstation, please contact your lecturer.

Creating an exam

After approval of the application by the Administrator, you can proceed to create the exam.

1. It is recommended to set the exam registration first.
Expand the Users field in the “Exam administration” menu on the left and select “Enrolment methods”.

An inactive field is greyed out.
To enable saving, click the icon by to make the icon appear .

You can edit the saving method by selecting the settings icon .

Enrolment key – click in the field and enter the exam access key. To check if the code is correct, click the icon .
Remember to save changes.

2. Please enable Turn editing on to be able to make changes to the exam.

3. The platform provides a resource “QUIZ”. It is established by the Administrator after approval of the application to create an exam.

4. To add questions to the test, click on the test name and then “Edit quiz”. .

5. Questions can be added by selecting the “Add/a new question” or choosing the ones that have already been created from the questions bank.

6. Types of questions that can be used in the quiz are shown on the picture.

7. Below you will find useful settings that can be set in the test.

Duration of the test

NOTE! The duration of the test should not be confused with the duration of the exam!!!


The grading method can be determined in advance in the category created by the test owner.


Test owner can decide on his/her own how the questions will be displayed. One question per page is a default setting.

Additional restrictions as to how many times the test can be taken

A password must be set for the test.
NOTE! Do not confuse the test password with the exam password!

By creating an exam, students can sign up for it in advance. Entering the test password will prevent a registered student from viewing the test until he or she receives the password.

8. Inviting Students to the exam.
Students can be invited in two ways:

    • By providing exam location, name and access key, and then (if it has been set) the test access key (remember to set test start time or not to provide this password before the test).
    • Inviting students to take the exam manually, selecting the “Users/Enrolled Users” tab in the menu on the left in the “Exam Administration” menu, and then the “Enrol Users” button. Students should be registered by selecting their email in the domain.

Ordering an exam

NOTE! Dean’s groups are not available in the “Online Exams” platform. Their use is only possible in GSuite services!

1. Log in by selecting the “Log in with Google |” and choose an e-mail in the domain.

NOTE! If an error pops out, log out of your private account!

2. In the menu on the left select “Order an exam” button.

3. Complete the fields marked as Mandatory.
The exam name should be entered as follows:

full-time/part-time_degree_Class name – Lecturer’s full name.
np. SIIS – Algebra – Jan Kowalski

NOTE! Select the Category to which the exam will be assigned. It cannot be edited afterwards! The platform administrator is not responsible for errors made!

4. Wait for the Administrator to accept the application. NOTE! Imprecise applications will be REJECTED!

5. NOTE! Please enter the date, start and end time of the EXAM, date, start and end time of the TEST.

Microsoft Teams

Below you will find a link to a tutorial video that presents all the most important functions and possible operation modes with the Microsoft Teams application, which is a set of tools for team collaboration.The service combines functionality with other Microsoft products included in Office 365 (How to access the Office 365 service). The manual was created by Microsoft employees during a presentation intended for employees of broadly understood education, including higher education.

You can view the instructions in your browser without logging in: Video in Polish.

Duration of the video: 2h (Video in Polish)
Microsoft Teams manual (to view the manual, you must use an account in the domain).

Flashing of Windows 10 on terminals in the CNTI building and rooms.

  1. Choose the key combination CTRL+ALT+DEL when it is not flashing, select “restart”.
  2. After this operation, the login window will appear on the terminal, but already with another virtual machine, which should not flash if it is not frozen.
  3. If the situation persists, go back to step one.

Logging out does not solve the problem, because after logging in again the user receives the same frozen machine, which will be repaired only after a forced restart.

Course administration

After logging in and selecting the appropriate course for editing, the “Administration” field will appear in the menu on the left.

To select a course to edit, expand the “My Courses list” in the top menu or click on the course name from the “Navigation” menu on the left.
Menu główne UPL


Administracja kursem
1Edit settings – here you can edit all the options that were available when creating the course.
2Turn on edit mode – by enabling edit mode, the course owner can add new resources and activities.